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With more than 33,000 entries selected in consultation with top educators and definitions written specifically for children eight and up, this is the most up-to-date and kid-friendly dictionary ever. Designed to make kids enthusiastic instead of intimidated, it features:
* More than 800 notes and tips on synonyms, homonyms, prefixes, spelling, and word histories
* Over 750 photographs and illustrations
* Current computer, scientific, and cutural terms

* Interesting word histories
* Important figures from literature and history
* Sample sentences to show meanings and usage
* Every country plus major cities
* Spelling tips for tricky words
* Clear definitions in language children understand
* Parts of speech, plural forms, and verb forms
* Color photos, drawings and maps
* Easy to understand pronunciation guide on every spread

The all-in-one reference with:
* Children's Thesaurus
* Album of U.S. Presidents
* Tables of Weights and Measures
* Atlas of the World

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