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This book provides and introduction to the principles of marketing, beginning from the underlying theoretical bases which are often borrowed from the disciplines of economics, sociology, and psychology. Practical application of theory is provided through case studies and vignettes. This booktries not to present prescriptive solutions to marketing problems, but encourages debate about causes and effects. Underlying much of the discussion in this book is the question of whether marketing should be considered a science or an art. In addition to chapters covering the traditional elements of the marketing mix, the book provides insights into issues of contemporary concern in marketing. A chapter is devoted to discussion of the social responsibility of marketing. The growing importance of direct marketing and the role ofelectronic commerce is reflected in a separate chapter. The role of information management is emphasized throughout the book. There is a separate chapter on the marketing of services, although throughout the text an attempt has been made to provide services examples, which reflect their relativeimportance in western economics. Practical applications of theory highlight shortcomings of established frameworks for the study of marketing, and the reader is encouraged to formulate alternative frameworks. Although the book has necessarily been divided into a number of chapter it recognizes that in the real world marketingcannot be neatly compartmentalized in this way. In an attempt to offer a holistic vision, each chapter closes with a summary of how that chapter relates to other chapters. Vignettes and case studies provide integrative perspectives. To encourage further study each chapter contains suggestions forfurther reading and a selection of useful websites.

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