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Gabriel García Márquez managed to make me keep on reading with Of Love and Other Demons. I have reviewed a lot of his books already (although I have quite a lot more to go), and you know that I'm not sure I like him. However, this story again was very good and managed to keep my eyes glued to the pages. I think it might be either love or hate with his books. 


Of Love and Other Demons is about the Marquis' daughter Sierva Maria, who one day is bitten by a dog. This dog later turns out to have rabies. The Marquis who wasn't close to his daughter since she was born and made her live with the slaves in the shed, suddenly realises the error of his ways and he contacts a Jewish doctor. The doctor tells him that if the girl is healthy, she will be fine, but the Marquis doesn't trust it and he turns to the Bishop who in turn advises the Marquis to put his daughter in a cloister because she might be possessed by a demon. It's up to a young priest to exorcise the girl, but he first has to determine if she might be sane after all. And that's where the love in the title comes in...


It was a good story, up until the end when it was suddenly over. The built up was much longer than the conclusion and that doesn't go well with the story. Apart from that it is an amusing tale, but it wasn't as good as Chronicle of a Death Foretold

165 pages

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