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Marketing offers students and lecturers an integrated learning solution that combines accessible narrative with a diverse range of electronic tools available on the book's website and DVD. The purpose of this package is to bring contemporary marketing perspectives to life for students new to the concept of marketing, and for it to be motivational, creative, applied and highly relevant to the student experience. Case Insight interviews with marketing practitioners, found at the beginning of each chapter, provide students with actual examples of the material discussed in the text. Each chapter is also pedagogically enhanced by Marketing Insight boxes. These learning features show how marketing problems have been solved in the business world and enable students to apply the theories in the text to real-world situations. The text begins with fundamental concepts from classical marketing perspectives and contrasts these with newer perspectives from the relational and service-based schools of marketing to help students develop knowledge and encourage critical thinking.
Marketing is an excellent introductory text but can be used for reference throughout the course of a student's study of marketing or business.

Online Resource Centre and DVD:
For Lecturers: Extensive supplementary digital material featuring video clips of interviews with the marketing practitioners from the textbook and guest lectures with academics on the chapter topics to help lecturers illustrate core marketing concepts to students. Also comprises case studies, a test bank, tutorial activities and PowerPoint slides to aid lecturers' teaching.

For Students: Provides multiple-choice questions, web-based research activities and abstracts from seminal papers, enabling students to test their knowledge.

776 pages

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