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The most important core skills for medical students to master are history taking and clinical examination. This extensively revised, eighth edition has been written with the philosophy that the acquisition of clinical skills is most effectively undertaken at the bedside. This pocketbook should be used as a companion, to be taken onto the wards and into consulting rooms where the information is most needed. The book begins with a system of history taking followed by a new chapter on the analysis of key symptoms. The remaining chapters cover physical examination of each of the major systems. Each stage of the examination starts with a detailed, step-by-step description of the examination method complemented by relevant illustrations, diagrams and tables on the facing page. This book is intended primarily for use at the outset of clinical training; once students have achieved proficiency in the basic skills of interviewing and examining, the book should also prove useful for revision.

  • An invaluable starter book concentrating purely on the fundamentals of performing a patient examination.
  • Covers each body system and outlines the principles of:
    - taking a history
    - how to conduct a physical examination
    - specific examination points as appropriate 
  • Concentrates only on the main symptoms of disease and then the normal and abnormal physical findings. Mention of specific diseases is confined to those most commonly encountered.
  • Compact and pocket-sized to be carried around easily.

· Now in full colour double-page format
· Clear simple colour line drawings covering the essentials of a clinical examination.
· Published simultaneously with the Eleventh Edition of Macleod's Clinical Examination

192 pages

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